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3D Studio Max

Post by marshaa » Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:11 pm

How to increase cache memory on my laptop so i can run 3d studio max? i have been haveing problems with my 3d max program i am currently running it on my laptop which is a Dual Core with a 512 ATI Hypermemory Graphics card it keeps running out of memory so i asked my college tutor and he said about cache memory but i forgot what he said so help!
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Re: 3D Studio Max

Post by sameer » Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:02 am

Hello marshaa,
hough i guess this post should be in one of the 3dsmax forums or even in general windows forums, but i guess you are asking for virtual memory that you are asking for so follow the steps :

1- right click "my computer" icon.
2- choose "properties".
3- this step for windows vista or 7 only , choose "Advanced system setting"
4- now the system properties window appears, in the advanced tap press the "Setting" button in the "Performance" group.
5- now the Performance options window appears , in the advance tap press "change"
6- set a custom size for the memory as you like , though its preferred not to change the c drive memory and keeping it managed by the system , so if you have more than one drive just set it for the other drives ,if you dont just make sure you make it big enough.


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