DWF Import - Unwanted Levels in Object Tree

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DWF Import - Unwanted Levels in Object Tree

Postby lifespawn » Wed May 17, 2017 6:23 pm

I have been importing DWF files from Autocad to Composer, so they can be exported to 3D PDFs for clients to navigate easily who don't use cad.
However, I am finding extra 'levels' appearing in the object tree after importing the files and the subsequent PDF file
Simlab_Composer_Object_Tree.PNG (60.77 KiB) Viewed 365 times
3D_PDF_Tree.PNG (9.87 KiB) Viewed 365 times

After the tree level 'Block' in the example, three further levels are also created, being 'Assembly', 'Part' and '3dGeom', all with meaningless numbers after them. All four of these levels refer to the exact same object if it's selected.
These extra levels become confusing to clients because, when an object is clicked on to select it in the 3D window, the highlighted level that shows in the model tree is the '3DGeom' reference.
The client has to be informed to look 3 levels further up the tree to then find the correct 'Block' reference, so the accompanying bill of materials spreadsheet makes sense.
If I use Autodesk Design Review to open the same DWF, the object tree behaves as it should, without extra levels and each 'Block' being the lowest expandable part of the tree
Design_Review_Object_Tree.PNG (5.74 KiB) Viewed 365 times
This means any selected object within the DWF will show the correct block reference number instantly.
Is there a way of easily removing these exra layers of unwanted information in the Composer object tree? A manual solution is not an option here, as there are typically hundreds of blocks in each file.
Thanks for your time.

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Re: DWF Import - Unwanted Levels in Object Tree

Postby chrisd » Thu May 18, 2017 5:07 pm

Although I have no experience with this in Simlab, I have noticed issues with blocks in other non-Autocad applications.

Maybe try the Autocad DWG file in Simlab instead of the DWF ... ?

Using the DWG file and Autocad, (or an application like Intellicad or TurboCAD that can open Autocad files with blocks and X-refs) you may be able to modify or explode the blocks that are causing the issues.

Does this happen on EVERY block?

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Re: DWF Import - Unwanted Levels in Object Tree

Postby lifespawn » Thu May 18, 2017 7:10 pm

Hi and thanks for your reply. Yes, this happens with every block!
I have tried as many combinations as I can think of to import the autocad model with the blocks at the lowest tree level.
When importing a native dwg model, several things happen:
1. The blocks import but many become visually black (I believe these are mirrored blocks in autocad model)
2. Often, only one instance of an imported block will show in composer, where there are many in the original model.
3. Any autocad blocks in the object tree show as 'Acdb3dsoild' with a number after them.
I have tried the 'Simlabtransfer' plugin in autocad, which results in the usual 'Assembly', 'Part', '3DGeom-xxx' but without the autocad block reference in the tree at all. Several other file conversions/imports have similar results.
I think exporting the dwg file as a dwf from autocad, then importing it into composer is the closest I have come to what I need, as, at least the autocad block name shows in the object tree.
It may well be that Design Review cuts out the tree levels that composer keeps, when a block reference is encountered in the dwf export file.
I guess I'll grin and bear it for now as it's probably something buried deep in code somewhere that can't be switched off of toggled!
Thanks again for your suggestions.

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