Finding issues..

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Finding issues..

Post by Tessla » Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:00 am

Dear Simlab...

We are finding issues using SLC, so we need to report to improve the software...

The Rubber Band Selection we have reported has issues. But we can still select parts.. We used to be able to hide all other parts and just add the colour to the selected parts on stage or even in the Tree. But this no longer works. If we do this, ALL the parts in the model will change to the same colour..

If we need to change the animation of a Sequence, it will not work.. So we have to do it all over again.. The issue might be due to the action code being retained. If we do not redo, it can cause conflicts.

If we copy parts from the whole model and create seperate parts to animate and add into the Library, we can see that we have a need to remove ALL the useless Sequences since they are saved and copied over too. If we do not remove them, before re-adding to the main scene, the entire project will be stuffed..

Same with removing parts that we have added a sequence to. Removing the parts does not remove the Sequences linked to them. So there is a need to find and remove them separately...

We have tried to add a Web Browser from the Special F/X option to the front of the TV, but there does not seem to be any option to make this as an action so when we click on the TV it starts. If we add a URL to the TV monitor, it opens the URL but we have no control over the view size and the position of the UL content since is relevant to the view position. Basically it cannot be attached to the TV monitor to turn it on.

We are using Similar at a fairly high level so we are bound to find issues.


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