The value in adding IK's into SLC....

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The value in adding IK's into SLC....

Post by Tessla » Sat Dec 16, 2017 8:46 am

Hi.. I am going to be a pest.. I have asked for IK's to be added into Simlab Composer a few times..

A good example of the value in this feature, would be the Robot in the Showroom.. To be honest, it does not do much that has not already been shown at other models. But I could do so much more..!

Using the Simulation Links, Rotate, Prismatic etc, the Child of the Parents can be dragged into position and a Key Frame set.. Drag the Parent and all the Children follow as long as the Simulation Links allow it. Red glows could be added to those joint suffering issues. Links could then be controlled by the knobs on the panels. At the moment only the doors open. So basically the Robot might as well be an egg.. It need flashing eyes moving arms and body motions. It needs life given to it, with sounds too. I do not know how the model is made up but I have just used this Robot as an example to express views on the value of IK's in Simlab Composer.

This will be a very big advancement in the ongoing development of Simlab Composer.

I will add it to Santa's wish list.. I am sure I have been good!! :lol:


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