Issues I am finding that might be able to fixed..

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Issues I am finding that might be able to fixed..

Post by Tessla » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:02 am

Hi.. I am fining some issues that are causing some problems..

1.. Decal does not support the Alpha on a 24bit PNG..

2. You cannot Alpha out Glass.. So if a model has glass, you cannot make the group of parts totally invisible..

3. Lighting for VR mode is really hard to get right.. There needs to be some Defaults.. Like a Library of Lighting Effects.. There is kind of library, with day times but there needs to be more... The new features has made it very hard to get right.. Outside might look good, but then inside has issues.. Get inside right and the outside has issues...

4. As stated in other post, you cannot make an entire Group invisible where a key frame is added..

5. Also as stated in another post. Water Effect is painful.. Sometimes it works and other time it does not..


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