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Problems model 3D photogrammetry softwares

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:32 pm
by Logicomax
Congratulations for SimlabComposer, Its a great software with many interesting evolutions.
And i wish you continue to improve it, so i think you need to know the littles problems.

So, i import 3D model from photogrammetry software and for the best quality of large model(and to avoid a too big raster), the textures is not only save in one raster but in several rasters.

For example for a .obj format you have :
- one .obj
- one .mtl
- ten raster .jpg (of 4096X4096 pixels).
And it's the same for .FBX or .U3D but the ten images are encapsuled inside the files(certainly even in bin save).

My first problem is that since version 8 of SimLabComposer, when i import this format of model (obj, FBX or U3D), i have no texture !
And i can't attribute manuelly the textures to the model because i have 10 jpg and only one Assembly~1 material.

So i use another software to open the model and export it in .FBX(.OBJ don't work and .U3D make bad quality texture) and after i can import my model with a good quality texture inside SimLabComposer 8.

My second problem is about the Light baking for VR for this type of model 3D from photogrammetry with severals materials(textures rasters).
The light baking is working but the texture is coming dark. I think that i tried all the type of materials (default, emitter etc) and create many light but it's changing nothing and it's like there is no model when i run viewer in desktop mode.

If you need, i can send an example of model 3d with multiple matérials to you.

Thank in advance for your responses.

Re: Problems model 3D photogrammetry softwares

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:42 am
by chrisd
Sorry I can't answer your questions. I have a few questions for you because I think I will need to know how to do this also ...

What application did you use to combine the individual images into a single image?
Does the photogrammetry application remove the shading from the original light sources (de-lighting)?
I have not used VR yet, its there a light source that gives even lighting (like ambient?) or possibly a blank or single color value HDR? (If the shadows are baked into the texture multiple lights or an environmental HDR might be confusing)


Re: Problems model 3D photogrammetry softwares

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:00 pm
by SimLab
Can you please share the model with images, I can check it for you.

For light baking, it is black or dare, can you share an image?

Re: Problems model 3D photogrammetry softwares

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:52 pm
by Logicomax
The photogrammetry application is Agisoft Photoscan Pro.
It's an unavoidable robust software for multiples rasters photogrammetry.

I think the easiest way is that i send you an export of a 3D model in .obj format :

Don't trust about the bad quality texture of my example, the model was made quickly
in bad weather conditions (and i prefer keeping the good 3D for immersive VR :D).
Textures and Sharpness can be better.
Certainly the UV mapping in multiple rasters will interest you !

For information, Agisoft Photoscan Propose a workflow to make a Tiled Model.
From the dense cloud or the mesh you just creat before, you choose a pixel size and
a tile size (256 --> 8192) and it make it.
May be it's not far away from SimLab Composer Baking.
You can export this Tiled Model in their own format for their viewer or in PhotoMesh Layer(zip).


Re: Problems model 3D photogrammetry softwares

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 7:23 pm
by chrisd
Thanks, I have Photoscan, but don't have Pro version. Tiled output does not seem to be available in Standard, at least I did not see it before. Maybe new in v1.4?

Re: Problems model 3D photogrammetry softwares

Posted: Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:41 pm
by Logicomax
Hello Chrisd,

I think Tiled output is a pro capacity of Photoscan because i saw it in versions 1.25, 1.26 and i believe this type of workflow begin with passage to version 1.2.
(I look more closely the PhotoMesh layer export in Tiled format and when i extract the .zip there is a .dae for the mesh and .jpg and some others files).

Since Simlab Composer 3D PDF 2013 to Simlab composer 7, i had no problem to open my export in .obj with mutlti-rasters.
Its only since SimlabComposer 8 that i can just import the mesh but not the materials. Is it the same thing for you ?

Finaly when i succeed to import materials using an other software, i can try the Light Baking but my materials remain dark. The textures are not black because i can see the texture but sombre, without light.
If you have an answer to this question, i'm interested !