VR Desktop Viewer/Showroom - Windows 10

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VR Desktop Viewer/Showroom - Windows 10

Postby ntxdave » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:45 pm

Is there a way to expand the Showroom & Viewer to fill the entire screen?

I am thinking about something like a convention environment or showroom with a large screen where you would want to fill and entire screen with the showroom. Also, just out of curiosity, can you use the showroom/desktop viewer in a touchscreen environment? If not, is that a possibility in the future?

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Re: VR Desktop Viewer/Showroom - Windows 10

Postby SimLab » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:50 pm

Currently the screen size if fixed, you should be able to use with a touch screen

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Re: VR Desktop Viewer/Showroom - Windows 10

Postby ntxdave » Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:16 am

I have some more suggestions as well:

  • Provide a way to open the app/viewer in full screen mode (yes -this is the same thing - just compiling a complete list).
  • Provide a way to sort/arrange the models in the left hand column
  • Allow the left hand navigation panel to be narrower (smaller images in relation to the rest of the screen)
  • Provide a way to launch the showroom in viewer mode only (no ability to edit it). Again, this could be a really neat tool for a convention or show room floor.
  • When you click on a model in the navigation panel, present the model in the large (viewport) like an iFrame instead of launching it in the separate viewer but with the ability to view in full screen mode.
  • When in "view only mode" provide the ability to specify a default model t be displayed in the viewport
  • You might already be able to do this (I am just getting started with the showroom), allow me to customize it with my own color scheme, logo, and etc.
  • Much smaller button or icon for determining whether the model is viewed in Desktop or VR mode.
  • Could even by an option to determine the view mode before launching the showroom.
    • If you loaded it with the option for viewing in VR there would not be a viewport panel
    • If you started in desktop mode then you would get the viewport mentioned above.
    • If you are doing the viewing in desktop mode, would make a good replacement for WebGL and the whole environment would be a web page.

Again, just some ideas for the future. . I think this tool/application could be an even more powerful tool at a convention, in a show room, or office lobby. Imagine the capability to have a really neat facility for customers/visitors to see and interact with your products.

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