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Free 3D assets

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:51 pm
by SimLab
A new section was added to SimLab-Soft website for providing users with Free 3D assets, including Materials, 3D models, HDRS, and Environments.

Our purpose is to provide assets that can be used in both rendering and VR to increase productivity of SimLab Composer users.

Our artists will add to this section continuously. If you have something that you want to share with other users, please let us know, we will be glad to help packaging and making it available for all.

Following is an image showing some of the 200+ ceramic materials added in the new Ceramic material library.
Library is ready for download from the following link(SimLab Composer 8.2 or newer is needed)

You can learn how to install a new material library in the following link

Those images were rendered using materials from the new library

Re: Free 3D assets

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:36 pm
by SimLab
We added the first 3D environment to SimLab Soft's free assets.

3D environments provide the user with a ready to use background for showing her/his 3D models, this allows designer to focus on her/his design.

The following tutorial shows how the user can use a free SimLab 3D environment to showcase 3D models in Rendering, and VR

Direct link to video

Re: Free 3D assets

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:49 pm
by Tessla
They are nice Ceramics.. But I am confused.. How come you add the materials to the sphere with a nice nadir and zenith, but I have never been able to.. Its distorted... and appears to patch the last bit...


Re: Free 3D assets

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:43 pm
by SimLab
Free 3D trees for Rendering and VR

Adding trees to rendering and VR experiences moves realism to the next level. That is why our artists took the task of creating a free library of 3D trees ready to be used in SimLab Composer.
Created trees were crafted to give the best look without adding huge amount of polygons preventing easy navigation of the model or increasing the machine specs needed to run VR expenses.

Following are some of the trees included in the free tree library:
We need to thank Evolved Software for creating the great free tree maker TreeIt which our artists used to create those tree.

New library with instructions for downloading and installing the library can be found here

Happy Rendering, and VR

Re: Free 3D assets

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:07 am
by Tessla
Hi.. I download the mtl files and added them into Simlab Composer with no issues but these 3D objects are spk files and they do not seem to be able to added into Simlab Composer.. How is this done..


Re: Free 3D assets

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:34 am
by SimLab
Please check the tutorial at the following link

The main thing is the first step, make sure you are in libraries not mateirals

Re: Free 3D assets

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:09 pm
by Tessla
Thank you so much.. It works now.. Just wonderful how a tree can be seen from all faces like a real tree..


Re: Free 3D assets

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 10:28 pm
by vislaw
These are wonderful additions. Your artists did a terrific job on the trees as low polygon objects that look great. Superb work on the ceramics too. I've been so impressed with your commitment to improving Composer.