Problem in saving what I've done

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Problem in saving what I've done

Post by User654648 » Tue Jun 19, 2018 11:58 am

I just downloaded Simlab, in order to change the colours and to put pictures on my object, and It does works very well.
But then, when I save my object (Importation from Solidworks), and I re-open it, 3/4 of the colours and textures have disappeared (but some of them stay, it's weird).
And It's not the first time, I tried to create new materials, or to modify some which did exist. But nothing work.
So please, help me. Because for now, I work for nothing.

Oh, and I do not have the trial version, but a paid one.

(I can't join pictures because of private policy, ect..)

Good afternoon,

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