VR Viewer vs VR Pano Image + Live View

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VR Viewer vs VR Pano Image + Live View

Post by Tessla » Fri Jan 24, 2020 11:33 pm

Hi.. Here is a bit of a head up..

If you are needing a VR for showing in the VR Viewer, it's just about impossible to achieve the desired results, partially with lighting. Its a guess!. This is mainly due to the fact that the Live View Render, is nothing like the VR Viewer output. Many textures display very different too. There is no reflection in a mirror either. Metals do not reflect as they would to in Live View.

You will need to decide what the VR is to be used for from the start.. Obviously special effects will not show in Live View, including grass. If you add a spherical background image, this will not show in the VR Viewer either..

If however you choose to create a VR Pano Image, Live View is just about what you will render the pano image as. You can set the output to a smaller image size just to test it before waiting for some time for rending a large pano image. Even so, lighting is a painful thing. Either too much for too little. Shadows can have lots of noise creating a very graining patchy effect.

I have a feeling that V10 will resolve meany of these issues with lighting..


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Re: VR Viewer vs VR Pano Image + Live View

Post by SimLab » Sun Jan 26, 2020 2:37 pm

The good news I agree with you 100% and I see great value in making rendering, 360, 3P PDF, and VR experiences as close to each other as possible, so the user does not need to make any tweaks to move from one another, and the user just needs to test one of them knowing the others will be perfect.

The bad news, while we can do this for a very good degree, we can not guarantee 100% as the rendering techniques are different.

Also this is not very easy as we need to think about old models users created for example for VR, we have to make sure VR still looks 100% we can not affect the VR experience without permission.

We already have this planned, and we defined needed actions but it will be in an update to Composer 10, Composer 10 includes major infrastructure updates to move SimLab Composer to the future, we can not add more to the initial release of Composer 10.

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