SimLab Composer 2.2 (Camera Animation)

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SimLab Composer 2.2 (Camera Animation)

Postby SimLab » Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:05 pm

Version 2.2 supports different types of camera animations, this post provides a quick introduction to those types.

First type of camera animation can be achieved by using Round table or Helical camera animations; those are predefined animations which rotate the camera 360 degrees around the Z axis. The Helical animation makes the camera move while rotating from its current elevation to the ground, helical animation can be used for example to show tall buildings.

Creating this type of camera animation can be achieved by clicking Round table Camera or Helical Camera buttons in the animation toolbar, the user has the option to change the start, and end frames, in addition to the rotation angle.


Another way of creating Camera animation is by creating snapshots (key frames) at different frames.
For example at frame 0 the user can click Create Camera Key Frame from the animation toolbar, then at frame 50 the user can select another view and click Create Camera Key Frame. The following animation was made by creating 3 camera key frames at frames 0, 50, and 100, SimLab Composer will move the camera smoothly between the different key frames. The camera in each key frame can have a different field of view angle.

[ Play Quicktime file ] key-frames.mp4 [ 405.47 KiB | Viewed 1655 times ]

Camera in SimLab Composer is a tree node (appears in the object tree), this adds many capabilities to the Camera. For example Camera can have a parent that it moves with. This can be used to create a camera showing the scene from inside a CAR, as shown in the following animation.

[ Play Quicktime file ] SimLab.mp4 [ 599.02 KiB | Viewed 1655 times ]

Also Cameras can follow an open or closed path, more details about this will be included in the geometry animation post.

Using SimLab Composer the user can create a movie that combines scenes from multiple cameras, using the director camera. The user can create for example 4 animated cameras, open the 4 views and attach an animated camera for each view by dragging it from the object tree and dropping it on the view. Recording director camera starts by clicking the record director camera in the time line. Animation will play in the four views, and the director camera will record the active view, so the user can change the active view by clicking on a different view while recording the director camera.
The user can view the result saved in the director camera by dropping it on a view and play animation by clicking the space bar. Following is a simple example showing the usage of the director camera.

[The extension avi has been deactivated and can no longer be displayed.]

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Re: SimLab Composer 2.2 (Camera Animation)

Postby edferg » Tue Aug 31, 2010 6:06 am

Impressive - I'm ready to buy this product!

In the example of creating 3 camera key frames at frames 0, 50, and 100, is there some averaging or smoothing at the transition point around frame 50? For example, if the camera is told to move through 3 points in the shape of a letter V, will it exactly follow that path, or can the tip of the V be rounded so there is a smooth transition? The demo looks pretty smooth.

Finally, will motion blur be an option in the video output?


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Re: SimLab Composer 2.2 (Camera Animation)

Postby SimLab » Tue Aug 31, 2010 5:47 pm


Not in this example, the interpolation is done between each two key frames individually, usually it is very easy to get smooth transition between the different key frames. Also the user can make the camera move a long an open or a closed path to have a smooth transition.

So the user can achieve V or smooth transitions.

Regarding the video version 2.2 will not include motion blur option, the user will be able to control the quality of the video, increasing the quality will increase the file size

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