Training Builder Suggestion...

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Training Builder Suggestion...

Post by Tessla » Sat Aug 10, 2019 1:12 pm

We feel that the training builder is complicated, very hard to use because of this and very awkward.. It makes very little sense to us..

Suggestion.. Take at look at the Lego Mindstorm software.. I do not use the software anymore, but I used to a few years ago and found it very cool.. It works via logic. One action before another.. We feel that an all new Training Builder, based on the Mindstorm process, should be added into Simlab Composer, like little building blocks made up of Animated Actions, where the user can grab them and drag them into a building block page.. It makes real sense to do this.. and since kids used the Mindstorm software, we are sure it would be easy for users of Similar Composer to learn.. Check out the screen shot. We are sure you will understand where we are coming from..


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