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Postby Tessla » Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:39 am


To be honest, parts of the GUI and the way it all works I really think could be improved on.. I do not like the way the Tree sits and the way its viewed. I also do not like the window that opens on the right with all the other information.. I feel that a window more like V6 on the left would look much nicer with tabs at the top for all the other information.. Like Materials etc.. That leaves the entire ¾ of the right panel free to view the project. There should be a slider to adjust this area..

Its all very well having the model expand into the Tree area etc, but you cannot interactive with the model anyway within those areas.. You can only see it behind the Tree and and the right hand window info stuff.. So I think basically move the entire righthand windows into tabs to the left side, behind the Tree.. If a user would like to have a Tab panel open, there could be the little Pin to drag it away to sit on top of the main window like the the other features can now do..

Well, that's just my 25 cents worth of input. I accept chocolates for my input.. :D


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