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Camera perspective and angle

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:29 pm
by Pocc
I have to say that Simlab is a terrific rendering and VR tool, but there are a couple of missing features that are present in other competitors software that I believe would help allow users to get photorealistic renders. To me the most blatant ommision is camera perspective.

Whenever you render with a backplate, it is vitally important that the perspective matches the backplate. To alter the camera angles and position to match a backplate in Simlab is absolute trial and error for three reasons:

1. There is no perspective matching tool in the software, this is present in things like Keyshot, Rhino, Bunkspeed etc and helps make good renders superb.
2. The backplate stretches with the work window and thus matching perspective is virtually impossible. It would be better when using a backplate to crop the render window so that the preview accurately matches the final render.
3. I would like to see '35mm' equivalent data for things like camera angle and aperture size, e.g as well as a view angle, I would like the slider to show also the equivalent 35mm focal length, e.g FOV 65 degrees, 28mm focal length. Once again this will help with using backplates as the exif information can then be used to set the camera and environments so the render blends with the backplate seamlessly.

Would love to here if these aspects could be incorporated in Simlab sometime. Keepnup the good work guys.