Simulation Animation in minutes..

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Re: Simulation Animation in minutes..

Post by Tessla » Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:20 am

Sure, but only really as a movie file.. WebGL does not support metals very well.. they are flat greys. That is why ceramics are better.. You need to be careful with some animation and materials, since they can reflect in such as way that they give an optical illusion making parts look like there is not form to the object.. Like the image attached at the pistons.. They look they the ends are mission..

I am asking Simlab for an interactive photo-real option but not sure if it will be added.. To do one row is easy but no option to view using Simlab viewers.. So third party software is needed.. But to have a photo-real interactive movie, there are no options.. So the only real option is WebGL with better support for photo-real textures.

Multi row will provide an option to view the object in photo-real quality but hard to do at the moment.. To create muti row movies would be very tricky and would require heaps of images.. So I doubt if that option would ever be developed.


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Re: Simulation Animation in minutes..

Post by Pilou » Sat Mar 25, 2017 12:41 pm

What do mean by "Row", "multi row" ? = tracks ?

So for you now it's impossible to make the same anition WEBGL with the material/ textures of the image above ?

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Re: Simulation Animation in minutes..

Post by Tessla » Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:04 pm

Multi Row of Rendered images gives this below.. Show-cased using Zoomify but that software cannot do Multi Columns.. Object2VR can but I do not like it much.. I have asked the CEO of Zoomify to make this option but he might not have time.. I think he has looked at it and feels it might be a bit too time consuming to achieve with little demand for it. I have also asked Simlab to add a camera array option so that the images can be captured from a camera array.. I also hope Simlab create a viewer for this too since there are no great options. The Benefits are that you get to view a high quality render at 360 on the X value.. and... perhaps on the Z value too but the options as I said are limited... ... estiny.htm

As I said, the WebGL does not support the metal texture too well, that is why using ceramic textures since the can look better. ... Metal.html


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