Text and Dimension Display

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Text and Dimension Display

Post by Takenforgranted » Sat May 24, 2014 1:16 pm

Wish: When the text, lines and dimensions export option is selected, please give an option to save them out just as displayed in the Rhino file. This includes:

- Font, font size and alignment to dimension lines
- Text scales with the model rather than being shown as text 'dots' (in Rhino-speak) that always show the same size on screen
- Dimension style copied from Rhino, especially the number of decimal places shown

Also (though I suspect this has more to do with Acrobat than the Simlab plugin) a more controllable way of pulling dimensions of of a model when it's viewed in Acrobat Reader would be good. Currently, it needs patience and quite a bit of practice to get usable results.

A 'Transparent with Outlines' display option would also be good! ;)

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