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Viewing Sections in Acrobat Reader XI 3D PDF

Posted: Sat Nov 08, 2014 3:47 pm
by Takenforgranted
I'm having problems when viewing a 3D PDF saved from a Rhino model using the Simlab plugin. When I enable Cross Section and call up the Cross Section Properties panel, I can make dynamic sections in any plane without a problem and it all looks good. However, a couple of seconds after I release the Offset slider, the view reverts to being un-sectioned. I can't find anything in the documentation or online that covers this. The 'save section view' button is also permanently greyed out.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem and is there a solution?

Re: Viewing Sections in Acrobat Reader XI 3D PDF

Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:40 pm
by SimLab
We had an email from two other users about the same issue, we are investigating this.

Re: Viewing Sections in Acrobat Reader XI 3D PDF

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2014 12:56 am
by Takenforgranted
Well, it's good to know I'm not the only one having a problem with this. As a workaround, I've found that if I add planes to the model, and use them as the target surfaces for Acrobat Readers 'Align to Face' in Cross Section Properties, the section sticks. It's not ideal as you then have to hide the plane to avoid blit fighting at the cut plane (and I also have to explain to the client how to carry out the above), so if you do come up with a solution, please make it public ASAP!

Using the above method, for some reason the model resets to unsectioned view if you change the Model Render Mode.

A request I'd like to make for future Simlab updates is the ability to save sectioned views as part of the original PDF, that then appear in the Views menu, and that each view can be saved with its own Model Render Mode. A mode that mimics Rhino's 'ghosted' view mode would also be great! Also that any preset views in Rhino appear in the Simlab dialogue for selecting the desired views to save out, even if the views aren't active in a viewport at the time of saving.