VR colaboration within VR viewer

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VR colaboration within VR viewer

Post by b2unit » Mon Apr 06, 2020 11:27 am

Dear Simlab,

Bought a quest the other day, great work on the viewer! thnx for this.

my request:

I have been searching for a VR collaboration tool for a long time.
So I can meet with my clients in VR to review the projects that I am working on.
I have been putting lost of time to create a workflow for meeting in SANSAR, a platform from linden labs (the guys from second life) . Unfortunately, making the models/scenes ready for uploading to SANSAR is a lot of work.
Also the fact the linden labs sold their sansar product to wooky does not help ether.

Uploading a project to the simlab VR environment for reviewing in a rift, go or quest headset is very easy, and done in several minutes.
But i really miss reviewing the projects in there together with the client.

Is meeting with person in VR (VR collaboration) in the free viewer(s) on your to-do list? this would be a real "game changer" because there a not a lot of these products around.

another request:
Adding gravity to the VR space would really make a difference for the whole experience also.

Greetings , rob

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Re: VR colaboration within VR viewer

Post by SimLab » Tue Apr 07, 2020 8:30 pm

Hello Rob,

We really appreciate the feedback, this is in our road map.
We are working on it, it will not be part of Composer 10 to be released very soon.
But Composer 10 moves in this direction.

And we are giving it high priority.

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