Dictionary Column Index and Dictionary Row Name

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Dictionary Column Index and Dictionary Row Name

Post by Salvatore Melluso » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:37 pm

Hello everyone, I'm new to SimLab Composer but I'm already like many of his feature, expecially regards the creation of 3D PDF.
There is only a thing i cannot fully understand: how to pre-populate text fields with the dictionary.
Lets say I have a series of buttons and a empty Text Box space made with Form Text Box option. I press a button and the text on the Text Box change accordingly.
I read I have to set, on the image of the buttons, the "Pre-Populate" option with the "Dictionary Column Index", a value equal or greater than zero. Then choose the "Dictionary Row Name" on the Text Box. I cant understand those values. Here an example of my dictionary:

On this dictionary what is the "Dictionary Column Index" and the "Dictionary Row Name"?

Basically I want that I press the button with "America1" tag and the Text Box shows me the text on the right: "America description 1". Same thing if I press the button with "Europe1" tag, the same text box must change in "Europe description 1".

Thank you for any help. :)

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