Import->dynamic file linking and update --> all materials lost

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Import->dynamic file linking and update --> all materials lost

Post by SimBeginner » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:34 pm

hi - i'm a new user of composer 8.
I start with e new emty scene and import an external file. During import i activate the "dynamic file link" function.
After the origin model has been changed a popup dialog starts in composer to update the model.
when i do this the model geometry will be updated correctly - but all my material assignments got lost.
There is always the same behaviour independend the options during update are possible.
I have tried it with several file-types like ifc, 3ds, obj, dwg...- same effect at all.

--> What to do that it works fine?

Many thanks for helping a beginner!!!

see screenshots
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Saif Suleiman
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Re: Import->dynamic file linking and update --> all materials lost

Post by Saif Suleiman » Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:14 pm

Hi SimBeginner,
In SimLabComposer we auto generate the 3D objects names in each importing process, so there is a good chance that the new names do not match the names before dynamic updating( in other words importing the file again), so I recommend you to use "Auf Grund von Materialnamen" instead of "Auf Grund von Objektnamen".

Hope that will help you, please keep me updated.

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