Add option to "Create Wire/Rope"

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Add option to "Create Wire/Rope"

Post by [BzH]Yann » Tue Aug 24, 2021 9:04 am

Hi Simlab,

I have a request to improve animation.
I have some troubles to create some animation with rope, because i want to create a huge animation of harbour movement with mooring/docking.
Can you add an option to retract wire/rope in animation ?
At the moment, when you want do this, wire/rope leave the slack in the whole length.
I know that creating a sequence with "Reverse" can work, but for a long animation with link objet (change parent), it's very complicated, if not impossible.
For example, if I want to animate a winch that takes up slack in a cable to maintain tension, but the same cable has to stretch during the same animation, i can do that with a simple animation, reverse or not.
Can you create an option to keep wire/rope in tension (checkbox), that it is possible to stretch it in all directions without slack.

Best regards,

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