Unable to explode file imported with SimLab STL Importer

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Unable to explode file imported with SimLab STL Importer

Post by inSohmniac » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:08 pm

I don't know if this is an issue using Sketchup Make 2017, but I have verified this to be an issue when using SimLab STL Importer for Sketchup using a range of files from 220KB to 127MB, each exhibiting the same behavior once imported. If there is a setting I need to know or a workaround, I would appreciate any help.

I have used the 30-day trial for Sketchup 2018 Pro, and it imports STL files without issue, which I can then edit and modify easily. But I simply can't afford the nearly $700 for a license. So I installed Sketchup Make 2017, but it doesn't come with its own native STL import functionality, so I installed 3 different STL import softwares, SimLab STL Importer for Sketchup being one.

The free software can import a small STL in a matter if minutes, and I can edit it straight away. But anything over 15MB takes hours to import, not minutes like 2018 Pro.

SimLab's importer will import even my largest files in Sketchup Make 2017 in a matter of minutes, just as quickly as 2018 Pro. HOWEVER, it imports these files as a single image, and if I try to select a single line to edit, the entire image gets selected, not the individual line, and I can make no edits. I have tried to Explode the images after importing them so that I can work on individual components, but whether it's the 220KB file or the 127MB file, explode never stops trying to break the file into individual items, and even after 10 hours the cursor is still spinning waiting for Sketchup Make 2017 to finish exploding the files.

So, Simlab STL Importer for Sketchup seems to be taking the STL and locking every single component into a single image for the sake of speed of import, but there is no way that I have found to unlock or explode the file. These files aren't literally Locked - the Lock feature hasn't changed to Unlock in the context menus - it is simply a solid image that displays individual lines but those lines are unworkable as they are all part of the whole, and any effort to do anything affects the entire image.

Am I just dumb and have overlooked something simple? Is this an issue with the Simlab extension and Make 2017? Or is this a known issue and for some reason is working as designed (though I can't imagine an instance that you would want to Import an STL but not be able to edit it, especially not for $79)? It's not my hardware - My PC is an 8-core last gen I7, 32GB of memory, and 6GB video memory- and like I said, the trial of Sketchup 2018 imports without issue any file in minutes and I can edit straight away. So what am I missing here?

Thanks, anyone, for any clarity!

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