SimLab Composer 7.2 released

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SimLab Composer 7.2 released

Post by SimLab » Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:04 am

With the release of SimLab Composer 7.2, new major features were added to improve the workflow for creating top quality visualization results.

New for Architects and Interior designers:
  • Auto alignment: making it easy to add new internal and external elements to the scene.
  • 3D measurement: new tool for adding Linear, Radial, Angler measurements, and Annotations for houses and interior scenes. Linking this capability with advanced scene states, allows the user to communicate 3D designs with dimensions as 3D PDF files.
  • Door and windows opening tools: to make it easy to add advanced doors and windows design to a 3D room.
  • Floor plan extrude: providing the basic tools to create a sketch and to convert it to a simple 3D room, to start working on the interior design project.
  • Street design: New tool allowing the user to easily add streets to architectural models.
New for Mechanical designers
  • ​Wire Creation: To Improve Realism of 3D Scenes
  • 3D measurement: Allowing the designer to easily communicate measurements of the model with the end user
  • Boolean operations: including difference, union, and intersection
  • Basic design tools: including sweep and extrude to enable the user to complete the scene without reverting to a 3D design application.
Learn how the new features will help you in your next project

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